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DirectX 11 - why not? PlanetSide 2 Forums.

21/10/2014 · Note, this was a question asked about Planetside 2 supporting DirectX 11.-----My personal take on this. We'll hear no responses on this until PS2 for PS4 goes retail. The "mantle" lessons from coding to the PS4 will carry over to the PC. 26/04/2019 · Close. This video is unavailable. 28/04/2019 · The next video is starting stop. Loading. 22/11/2018 · Große Ankündigungen gab es vor zwei Tagen im Planetside 2 Jahrestag Stream. Bereits Ende des Jahres soll Planetside 2 von der stark veralteten DirectX 9 Version auf die DirectX 11 Version geupdatet werden..

13/06/2012 · DirectX 11? PlanetSide 2 Discussion. Looking from the outside in. The game does not represent Planetside. With original concepts that players across the board accepted with open arms; have been taken out. 22/01/2015 · Planetside 2 and DirectX 12. imagine as the commander of a base sending an NPC army towards another base MOBA style except it's in the middle of the Planetside 2. This isn't another game mode. It's all part of the same. what iw ant to know is why the fuck they even built a DX9 game in 2011-2012 when DX10/11 had already been out for a.

Planetside 2 with DirectX 12? Dev Response. Hey guys a quick question regarding to DB and the community. Will we see planetside 2 utilize the new DX12 Api? Since i have an AMD card begging for better frames but, because of DX11 crap it sucks. If dbg even make it to DX 11. PlanetSide 2. All Discussions. Vulcan is more difficult to implement than DirectX and Open GL since it is lower level, though the reasons it generally performs better is because it is lower level. I don't think DX11 will help this game very much,. Dec 11, 2018 @ 9:13am.

03/12/2018 · In this video, I'll be explaining what the differences are that we can expect as soon as Planetside 2's DX11 update goes live. As well as added some comparison videos. I am looking forward to what 2019 will bring to us! DirectX 9 - Outdated - Slower more instructions on a single thread - High CPU vs GPU usage DirectX 11 - Better. DirectX 11 Port Update! Developer Response. Hey all!. We've updated the DX11 codebase with 6 months of PlanetSide 2 game code it was branched off an old version you may recall. We've brought in all the changes that were done to DX11 in the PlanetSide: Arena code.

01/04/2019 · Finally we see the first glimpses of DX11! Test it out yourself right now on the test servers! Announcement: forums./ps2/index.php?t. The main difference going forward is that the PlanetSide Arena team is also using our Forgelight engine, which means the work they do, and the improvements and upgrades they make, can also come over to PlanetSide 2. For example, the port to the DirectX 11 renderer is going to be a huge improvement, which is already priming PlanetSide 2 for.

Planetside 2 - DirectX 11 Upgrade und vierte.

09/11/2017 · I was more wondering why Planetside 2 doesn't use Directx 11. I mean, they have already ditched the 32 bit client base years ago so by now Windows XP is a non issue. And all you need is a GTX 430 to be able to use DX 11 features and those cards are pretty damn old by now. As you probably know, the PlanetSide 2 team has been working very hard for quite some time on a sizeable game update. We’ve got good news – tomorrow, the New Soldier Game Update will finally be going live. The most significant part of this update is the change to PlanetSide 2’s renderer, which has been upgraded from DirectX 9 to DirectX 11. They didn't drop Oshur.? What makes you think that happened? It's not the same people working on the two projects. They said the Oshur creation streams were postponed until they could give Wrel a computer with the necessary tools that he could use from home, which may or may not happen, so it's possible that the streams get dropped.

Planetside 2, the grizzled old war dog that it is, has finally moved on from DirectX 9 today. Daybreak Game Company is pushing an update to Planetside 2 today which welcomes the wonderful world of DirectX 11 to the massively multiplayer online shooter. 02/03/2014 · For some reason my computer has to re-download DirectX every single time I try and run planetside 2. This wouldn't be such a huge deal if it didn't take 10-15 minutes every single time coupled with the 1,000 MB download I have to take for some reason, an update maybe? Is there some way to bypass this? I've already run the game a. 17/08/2015 · PlanetSide 2 Forums. Home Forums > PlanetSide 2 Discussion > PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion > [Suggestion] DirectX 12 Discussion in 'PlanetSide 2 Gameplay Discussion' started by Intershield, Jun 6, 2014. Intershield. A suggestion for a future update, to bring the game out of the obsolete windows XP erra and be done with DirectX 9. PlanetSide 2. All Discussions Screenshots Artwork Broadcasts Videos News Guides Reviews. DirectX 10,11, and 12 are built-in. What those usually do not have built-in is the Direct X 9.0c which is the most compatible with any Direct X 9 or earlier Direct X. DBG said they are working to getting it to DX11 so that the XBone users can play the game as well. This will not help the game too much performance-wise, other than shadows not.

18/07/2019 · A couple of days ago, the developers of PlanetSide 2 offered up a livestream that ran down some of the most recent matters for the MMOFPS, including new word on the DirectX 11 update for the game’s PS4 version, the game’s new Mentoring system, and an all-new Sanctuary social hub for players to. LAST TIME we had a look at how DirectX 11 felt for Planetside 2 when things were quiet on PTS – well let’s change that! The PS2 devs organised a test and a LOT of turned up for their free Throwing Stars – so many that the servers couldn't handle it! But how did the performance feel? Did we still get that boost even though there were loads. 26/04/2019 · Daybreak Games has released a brand new update for PlanetSide 2 that adds a DX11 renderer. This basically means that players on all types of compatible hardware should be receiving notable performance increases due in no small part to this update, but others as well. As Daybreak Games stated: “We announced our port to DirectX. 25/04/2019 · It’s been a long time coming, but PlanetSide 2’s “biggest update since 2016” is live today, and it introduces the game’s first new faction, Nanite System Operatives, and finalizes the game’s transition to DirectX 11, which should herald significant performance improvements across the board. 03/12/2019 · PlanetSide 2 Forums Home Forums > Announcements > Game Update Notes.

Hello, Planetside 2 has just within the last month transitioned from the DX 9 api to DX11. I have alot of friends that play this game, and thousands of others through daybreak games launcher and directly through steam itself. Is there gonna be any driver performance improvements for. 25/04/2019 · Later this week, Planetside 2 will receive its 6th anniversary "Soldier Game Update", which will revamp the game's ageing DirectX 9 renderer to deliver enhanced performance on modern PC hardware. With the game's next update, DirectX 11 will be added to the game, offering PC gamers a. 22/11/2018 · Planetside 2 is ancient news, and most people seem to think the MMO FPS died with Sony Online Entertainment awhile go. But, as it turns out, the game's development team is alive and kicking, and they've announced a slew of new content. 2 months ago, the devs revealed an entire new continent for the game, and yesterday, on the game's 6th.

12/05/2019 · Overall I love the update and how the performance of the game got improved in general. Also, it's nice to see that the game is getting so much more attention than before from the community. It basically doubled or even triplicated in some cases its regular player base, just in the last month. ːcleankeyː Some videos of it got also. PlanetSide 2 is a Massively Multiplayer first person shooter that delivers truly epic, massive combat on a scale never before seen in stunning, breathtaking detail.

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